Parent Booster Club

Parents in the stadium cheering at districts.

Wood River Cheer could not be possible without parent support and involvement. We wholeheartedly believe our kid’s success depends on our support of their passions. Cheerleading, like many of our WRHS sports teams, practices year-round. This is demanding, no doubt, but the rewards are many! When our kids are involved in sports they are less likely to use drugs and alcohol, earn better grades, and experience fewer mental health issues. Furthermore, cheerleading promotes incredible character development in leadership, positivity, grit, determination, teamwork, and responsibility.

Parents are invited to get involved. When our cheerleaders are supported by their school, their coaches, their community, and their parents, we have a winning program.

Cheer Booster is made up of parents of cheerleaders that believe success is earned through teamwork. When all parties involved (coaches, parents, cheerleaders, school, and community) are on the same team, working toward the same goals, we WILL BE SUCCESSFUL in our goals. As the coach, I believe parents each bring a special set of skills and energy that are vital to the cheerleading program. When we work together we can achieve mighty goals.

+ Regular Meetings – Determined by the club
+ Write Job Descriptions for the Various Roles
+ Run Fundraising Efforts
+ Support Cheerleaders at games and competition
+ Look for opportunities to reach our goals
+ Organize events to reach our goals

+ President
+ Secretary/Treasurer
+ Fundraising Chair
+ Education Chair
+ Team Bonding/Building Chair
+ Community Service Chair

+ Raise Money to Pay for Cheerleading
+ Build our Club Account Funding
+ Positively Influence the Cheer Program Reputation
+ Increase Community-Wide School Spirit
+ Grow the Wood River Cheer Program
+ Produce excellent cheer athletes