Fundraising Events

We understand cheerleading is an expensive sport, which is why we’ve planned several opportunities to defray the cost. All members and their parents/guardians of the WRHS cheer team will be required to participate in fundraising efforts year-round.

Planned Fundraisers for 23-24 Season

It is our goal to raise between $15 – $30K this year!

Cheer Pies – Goal $10,000
Mini Cheer Camp – Goal $15,000
Car Wash – Goal $1,000
Krispy Kreme Donuts – Goal $ 1,000
Snap Raise – Goal $5,000

Fundraiser Success from the 22-23 Cheer Year!
Total Raised: $12,822

Summer Cheer Pies – Raised $8300
Car Wash -Raised $822
Fall Mini Cheer Camp – Raised $1200
Thanksgiving Cheer Pies – $2500 after expenses