Tryout Material

Take time to learn and practice the tryout dance and cheer this week. Don’t be shy, you are encouraged to seek the help of an existing cheerleader if you want a little extra help!

Tryout skills

  1. Jumps – Please be prepared to share a Toe Touch. You may also show your Left or Right Hurdler, or Pike.
    How to do a Toe Touch:
  2. Tumbling Passes – Clean skills will add to your overall points. Show us your highest level skill. If you do not have tumbling, that is ok, it is not required at this time.
  3. Basic Prep or Thigh Stand – We will teach these basic stunts at our Saturday morning clinic.
    6 Tips to Get You Ready for Clinic Day:
  4. Cheer – learn below, girls required; guys arms/words required
  5. Band Dance – learn below – girls required; guys opt
  6. Athleticism + Fitness – We are looking for strength and body awareness.
  7. Choreography – looking for memorization, confidence, and personality
  8. Flexibility – right and left split, middle split, heel stretch, other
  9. Teachers Recommendations – we need three
  10. Coaches Points – an overall score and impression

What are we looking for:

1. Strong sharp motions
This UCA (Universal Cheerleading Association) video will help you learn the basics:

2. Great Facials and Smiles
We are looking for your personality and ability to engage the crowd. Try a variety of smiles, little head shakes, kissy Faces, or winks for example.

3. Confidence
Make eye contact with the audience, hold your head up, own your space! Try not to touch your hair, adjust your clothing, or fidget.

4. Recovery
If you mess up, it’s ok! Keep smiling and jump back in as soon as you can. A quick recovery is a great skill in an of itself.

5. School Spirit
Practice Spiriting or Rallying, as we call it at WRHS, into your performance and and the end of your cheer. These videos are helpful in learning this important skill:

6. Strong Character Traits
Being a WRHS cheerleader requires grit, determination, positivity, and a team mindset. Check out the handbook to get the full story here:


√ – 3 Teacher Recommendations

√ – Parent Permission

√ – Liability Release

√ – Water Bottle

√ – Learned Material

√ – Parent Attendance at the Wed night info meeting/ video replay

Yes from 9 am – 12 pm we will conduct a clinic. We will cover jumps, cheer, dance, and learn stunt basics.

Yes! If they do not attend, we will send them a video to watch. This video must be watched prior to your acceptance on the team. Please let Coach Jess know if your parents need the video.

At the TRACK
Saturday Sept 10, from 9 am – Noon we will go over all the tryout material to make sure you are ready for tryouts.

Lunch Break will be from Noon – 12:30 pm

12:30 – 2 (ish) pm – Tryouts
Tryouts will be closed. You’ll tryout in groups of 3-5 in front of the Head Coach, Assistant Coach, and likely one or two community members.

Coach Jess and Jennifer will give you a call to let you know if you made the team or not and what squad you are on this year!

Absolutely! We are looking to build our team skill with the help of stunt technicians. Boys on our team will help lead cheers with loud voices and a few arm motions, will take a primary role in stunts, and build their tumbling skills.

Ideally we’d have 4+ boys on the squad each year. We are looking for confidence, overall skill, and a commitment to strength.

Each candidate will be scored in the following categories on a points based system. A score of 100 or better is required for placement, but does not guarantee a placement on the team.

Cheer: 15 Total Points
Motions – 5
Angles – 5
Voice – 5

Dance: 15 Total Points
Memory/Uniformity – 5
Technique – 5
Enthusiasm – 5

Flexibility: 16 Total Points
Right Split – 4
Left Split – 4
Middle Split – 4
Heel Stretch -2
Other – 2

Jumps: 25 Total Points
Technique – 5
Height – 5
Hurdler – 5
Pike – 5
Toe Touch – 5

Tumbling: 5+ Total Points
Up to 5 pts per skill
Potential – 5

Stunting: 20 Total Points
Technique – 5
Potential – 5
Thigh Stand – 5
Prep – 5

Fitness – 15

Athleticism – 10

Teacher’s Recs – 25

Coaches Points – 10

Total Possible Points: 156+

Tardiness – 5/incidence
Not Prepared – 5
Jewelry – 5
Uncooperative Attitude – 10/incidence

Blue or Black Athletic shorts or leggings
White or Green Tee Shirt or Tank
High Pony Tail (bow opt)
Athletic Shoes
**No previous cheer gear is allowed**

Blue or Black Athletic Shorts
White or Green Tee or Tank
Athletic Shoes

Tryout Dance with Music

Cheer athletes are required to learn the dance for tryouts. Boy/Stunt applicants have the option of learning the dance for bonus points.

Tryout Dance – Back with Counts

Cheer – Wolverine Victory

All athletes are required to learn the words to the cheer. Cheerleaders should learn all the motions. Boys/Stunt Applicants will learn the words and ONLY the arm motions.