2023-2024 WRHS Cheer Tryouts

September 16th

Let’s GO!

Important Dates:

Wed Sept. 13
Cheer Info Meeting*
6:30 pm
WRHS Wolverine Den

Mon – Thur
Try Out Clinics
Sept 7, 12, 14
4-6 pm

Saturday, Sept 16
9-12 pm

Becoming a Wolverine Cheerleader starts with tryouts. Complete the 3 required steps below to be ready for tryout week.

  1. Register for Tryouts Online
    – Online Application
    – Online Parent Permission
    – Online Team Commitment
  2. Bring a Parent/Guardian to the Cheer Info Meeting
  3. Learn the Material + Tryout

Application and Online Forms are
Due Sat Sept 16 by 9 am.
If your application is incomplete you will NOT be eligible to try out.


√ Online Application
√ Parent Permission Form
√ Team Commitment Form

Potential Athletes that have fully completed the Tryout Packet.

Current ninth – twelfth graders.

All athletes must be passing at least 4 out of 5 classes, with a  2.0 GPA, and be on target to graduate with their class through the normal school day program.

Participants are enrolled in WRHS. Please contact Coach Bejot, for info if you are a student outside the district and you want to participate, for ex: as a private or homeschool student.

For more information refer to the IDHSAA Rules and Regulations: https://idhsaa.org/asset/Rules%20&%20Regs/RULE%208.pdf

Below is a general list of things you can expect to pay for throughout the season.

23-24 Cheer FeesGirlsGuys
+ White Uniform, Black Practice Skirt, Shoes, Spanks, Pink Bow
+ New Bows, Team Bra, White Wolverine Liner, Black Half Liner
Game Day / Spirit Wear
+ Heavy Warm-ups, Light Warm-ups, 2 Shirts, 2 Tanks, 1 Skirt, 1 Short, Cheer Bag
Other Fees
+ Camp, Uniform Rental, Stunt Clinic, Club Fee
+ Tumbling, Choreo, Music, Equipment, Chaperones, Misc. Fees
$500 – each$500 – each
* totals include tax, shipping & handling, price changes, unforeseen extras
$2000 – new
$1500 – returning
$1550- new
$1200 – returning

This meeting is for all interested potential cheerleaders and their parents/guardians to learn more about the WRHS cheerleading program. At this meeting, you will meet the Head Coach, Jess Bejot, and learn about the open positions within the program.

We will cover the following topics:
1) Expectations
Cheer Rules and Guidelines
WRHS Athletic Requirements and Expectations
Parent Conduct Code, Student-Athlete Conduct Code
WRHS Cheer Handbook.
2) Expenses + Fundraising
3) Commitments
4) Try Out Requirements, Schedule, and Selection Process

If you are unable to attend this meeting, please contact Jess Bejot to make arrangements for a make-up. Inability to attend this meeting to a makeup session will result in your disqualification from the program.

During the week-long clinic, you will learn the following:
A Sideline Cheer
A Band Dance
The Fight Song Dance
Basic Stunting Technique

There will be opportunity to work on standing or running tumbling skills, jumps, flexibility (heel stretches, bow and arrow, splits), stunting at your level, and cheer technique.

You will be judged by informal observation on these days. We will be watching for coachability, cheer technique, synchronicity, volume, punctuality, leadership abilities, and positive attitudes.

Final tryout groups will be assigned randomly and you will try out in groups of 3-5 in front of judges. In these groups, you will perform a short routine composed of jumps, standing tumbling (if you have it), and flexibility. You will also perform a sideline and both dances with the your group. Running tumbling (if you have it) will be performed individually.

Registration MUST be complete by Friday, April 21st by 4pm or you will NOT be permitted to try out.


+ black athletic shorts
+ plain tee-shirt or tank.
+ cheer shoes or athletic shoes
+ white or black ankle socks
+ wear your hair in a high pony with a bow (if you have one)
+ trimmed nails


+ past cheer apparel, as it is prohibited
+ loose-fitting clothing
+ jeans or jean shorts
+ bright nail polish
+ fake nails
+ all jewelry

You are not required to purchase any clothing for this tryout. If you do not have access to these items, please let Coach Bejot know, and do your best with what you have. Our ultimate goal is to prioritize safety and uniformity for fairness.


  • There is no set team number the 23-24 team. We will look over all aspects before finalizing team numbers. The decision will ultimately fall to the Head Coach to make the final decision. 
  • There is no guarantee that past cheerleaders will make the team or be in the same position as years past. Each athlete must tryout every year. Positions are determined by each team’s strengths and availabilities.
  • Tumbling: If you do not have tumbling, that is ok! You will be judged in other areas that will contribute to your final score. However, tumbling is an important and essential part of competitive cheerleading. 
  • Skills & Athleticism: A cumulative score referring to your skills in jumps, and motions; as well as the participant’s ability to learn choreography, and voice projection.
  • Coach-ability & Attitude: A cumulative score referring to the participant’s behavior toward coaches/fellow athletes during tryouts and in the previous season(s), attendance/participation and work ethic, ineligibility frequency/GPA, tardy/referral frequency, and other factors to take into consideration. This category is up to judges’ discretion and will be an important factor.  
  • Stunting will be judged informally during the optional open gym and tryout clinic. Stunting is an essential aspect of competitive cheerleading, so stunt experience/performance and position will be strongly considered in the final team selection. 
  • Each area will be judged on a 0-5 scale. The total score will be tabulated to help determine the team placements. 
  • Results will be shared by phone the evening of tryouts.
  • Captains will be determined by squad vote and the head coach’s final decision after the teams have been selected, at a later date in the season.

Competition Squad (year-long)

  • Open to rising freshman – seniors
  • Expected to cheer for home and away games, including playoff games. If a competition is scheduled the day after a football game the spirit/comp, the coach can make the decision to not take the team to the game.
  • Up to 24 cheerleaders will be chosen for the competition team. The final number for the comp team will be decided by the coaches, after tryouts. The total number of cheerleaders may be larger than the competition team, if this is the case the remaining girls will serve as alternates for competition season and continue to cheer for all scheduled games.
  • Tumbling and stunting skills are not required, however, they are desirable. Tight motions, good jumps, energetic facials, and cheer voices are required.
  • Workouts/Conditioning – twice a week 
  • Stunt Camp – May
  • Choreography Camp – June 26-30
  • All Team Summer Camp – July 5-8th – Utah State University, NCA
  • Practices:
    Summer: May – June twice a week, 4-7 pm; Aug – two a-day’s 7-9 am and 4-6 pm
    The Year: Start of School, 4xs a week 4-6 pm
  • Competitions: By IHSSA regulations we are allowed to participate in no more than 4 local competitions. District and State do not count toward that total. If we have a strong year expect to go to up to 6 competitions Nov-March.