Please read the following and sign at the bottom to give your child permission to participate in clinics and tryouts.

I understand the tryout process, and that all selection results are final and will not be reviewed after selections have been made. 

I understand that there is no guarantee my child will make the cheerleading team. I understand that if they were on last year’s team, this does not guarantee a spot on this year’s team. I fully understand that skills are evaluated every year. I understand this is a competitive cheerleading program and athletes must try out and be accepted into the program each year. I understand that my child is not guaranteed the same spot as last year. I understand the tryout process is designed to select athletes capable of participating on a competitive cheerleading team. I understand the tryout process is then used to assess each athlete against core criteria.

I understand that by the very nature of the activity as with any sport cheerleading carries a risk of physical injury. 

If I have a suggestion for improvement, I will review this with the coach and administrator at an appropriate time period.  I agree to fully support the WRHS cheerleading program in their decisions and know that I can email the coach to set up a meeting with myself, the coach, and the athletic director if I have any questions about my child’s performance. 

I understand that even if my child makes the cheerleading team, there is a possibility they may be chosen to serve as an alternate or may not be considered for the competitive cheer team.

I recognize that the coach(s) have invested a great deal of time and energy to ensure my child will have a safe, successful season. I understand that the coach(s) will make decisions for the good of the entire group. I will keep that in mind before addressing concerns. I will bring up concerns in an appropriate and mutually respectful manner.

I recognize that in order to try out for the cheer team, my child or myself must have successfully filled out our online registration + filled out the cheer tryout packet, must have passed/be passing 4 of 5 classes, and all necessary documents completed. I understand the registration process and that I can contact the coach with questions. 

I understand the financial commitment it takes to have my child participate in WRHS Cheer and promised to commit and participate in all fundraising to help lower our child’s costs. I understand that I will be responsible for paying any remaining balances and past balances if applicable to my child.

I understand the time and commitment necessary to be a member of the WRHS cheer team and will be flexible with dates as they are received and have read and understand everything in the Team Commitment Sheet & Parent Permission Sheet.

I understand that transportation to and from the practices/games/workouts is the responsibility of the cheerleader and/or their parent/guardian. I will ensure my cheerleader is promptly picked up from games and practices with the understanding that tardiness may result in loss of participation and ultimately being dismissed from the team. 

I understand that we must provide proof of insurance or purchase school insurance with coverage through the entirety of the 2023-2024 cheer season. 

I understand that sports physicals and impact tests are required to participate for all ninth-graders, those who have never had a sports physical, or it has been more than two years since the athlete‚Äôs last sports physical. Sports physicals must be completed prior to summer camp in July. Appointments should be made within 2 weeks of making the team. 

I attest that my child is physically able to attend workshops and tryouts. I release all liability to Wood River High School and all associated schools in case of accident or injury. 

I do hereby give my consent and support for my child, if selected, to be a cheerleader at WRHS for the upcoming season.

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