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TO POTENTIAL ATHLETES & PARENT/GUARDIAN(S): Thank you for your interest in the Wood River High School Cheerleading program! Make sure you have all registrations completed no later than the last day of tryouts. If you do not have everything completed by this date, you will not be permitted to participate in tryouts. Please carefully review all information included in this packet. As our program continues to strive to be even better, the skill level requirements increase, and strong commitment of athletes and parents is needed, just like any other sport. WRHS cheer is a very demanding and time-consuming sport, so athletes should seriously consider the amount of time, hard work, and dedication necessary before making the commitment to try out for the team. Cheerleaders are ambassadors for the high school and will be held to a high standard of being in attendance for all necessary events, maintaining an acceptable GPA (passing 4 classes each semester AND week), and having good behavior, in and out of the uniform.

If selected as a member of the 2023-2024 cheer team, you can expect to practice and prepare for the upcoming season consistently beginning immediately after tryouts. Stunting Clinic (May), Choreography Home Camp – June 25-30th, and Summer NCA Camp – July 5-8th is essential for all athletes and is required (for those who tried out in April). Tumbling instruction is also highly recommended if you plan to be considered for the competition team, so we highly recommend classes at a local gym. Please contact Coach for recommendations. Below is a list of commitments and what to expect as the 2023-2024 season begins but keep in mind, that this list is not complete and subject to change. All summer dates will be determined once the team is selected and all-time conflicts have been collected from members. • Attend parent/athlete meetings that will be scheduled right after tryouts • Attend summer team practices, lifting/fitness/tumbling practices, and team bonding events • Participate in choreography camp June 25-30Attend stunting camp May Attend summer camp July 5-8th • Participate in all fundraising for team costs. It is understandable that costs can be overwhelming, so we will do as much fundraising as possible to cover (most, if not all) expenses throughout the season. However, please keep in mind that cheerleading is generally an expensive sport and will require a strong commitment to fundraising and paying deadlines promptly. We plan on providing lots of opportunities for individual fundraising to lower these costs. Below is a general list of things you can expect to pay for throughout the season • Past season debts (if you have them) • Camp(s) • Camp/practice clothes & bows/accessories • Team warm-up, backpack, shoes, game bow, & poms • Competition bow & apparel. See the cost breakdown table for more details.

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